Pawel Nowakowski gives a talk at ÖAW

On 5 and 6 December 2022, Pawel Nowakowski participated in the conference "Artemis in the Taberna: Religious Entanglement and Appropriation in Urban Spaces" organized by Katharina Rieger (Uni Graz) and Verena Fugger (ÖAI), at das Österreichische Archäologische Institut in Vienna.

The conference was an awesome opportunity to approach the theme of urban religiosity from very different angles, and to network with a number of excellent archaeologists. From the casual scribblings at the pavement slabs at Ephesos to sophisticated views of Jerusalem as an imagined and sacred city – the papers covered a multitude of topics, and inscriptions played an important role in them, while marvelous collections of the Viennese museums, visited after-hours, prompted to ponder on the role of artisans, especially stonecutters, in the Graeco-Roman world.

Artemis in the Taberna